kado save

Earn Passive Interest on Your Sales

Say goodbye to the days of 0.5% high yield savings accounts offered in traditional finance.

more money for you

Earn 20% APY

Terra’s Anchor Protocol is becoming the gold standard for passive income on the blockchain. Anchor is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a steady 20% APY, powered by block rewards of major PoS blockchains, with over 5bn total-value locked (TVL) today. Kado is building a direct fiat integration into Terra and stablecoins, effectively allowing merchants and consumers to gain benefit from the Anchor Protocol.


Without the Volatility of Yield Farming

Many yield farming protocols are volatile, meaning the APY % offer fluctuates often and drastically. WIth Kado Save, earn a steady APY % that is a dependable, risk-free rate


Enabling full Stripe for Crypto capabilities.

Developers can integrate their platforms into Anchor via Kado to benefit from full custodian control over moving between fiat, crypto, and the Anchor Earn SDK — on their terms. Real-world usage while simultaneousy accessing high-interest savings yields creates solutions for consumers,merchants, and all parties looking to utilize crypto.