June 15, 2021

SJ Park, Jason Wang, and Chris Amani join Kado’s advisory board

SJ Park, Jason Wang, and Chris Amani join Kado’s advisory board

It’s been a busy few weeks for us at Kado. Our project is hitting the gas and we have added some heavy hitting #Lunatics to our team to help us go even farther, faster. With the additions of SJ Park, Jason Wang, and Chris Amani we are confident that Kado will quickly be able to prove its core importance to the Terra ecosystem.

Now, for a little flexing:

SJ Park

SJ is the Director of Special Projects for TerraForm Labs and has an extensive background in TradFi, working with Goldman Sachs for nearly 9 years prior to joining the good guys at TFL. SJ was one of the first people that we reached out to and was an early voice of support for our ‘Kado for Builders’ product. We pitched him to come on board to help us ensure that every feature we build is tailored to foster positive growth and competitive advantage for Terra ecosystem dApp builders. We are thrilled that SJ took us up on this offer. Ecosystem vision alignment is of the utmost of importance to us, and we believe that having SJ on our advisory board ensures that the focus of our company will not stray from creating what is vitally important to making Terra the #1 L1 to build on in crypto.

Aside from SJ being an absolute beast, he is also based in New York City, which is where 1/3 of our team of six is currently located. We are looking forward to building a nice IRL community in NYC, which, until we create the decentralized future of finance that we want (need), is still the financial capital of the world. No better time to buck the system from the inside out.

We couldn’t be more excited to build our relationship with SJ, and brainstorm ways that we can help to put his former employer out of business.

Jason Wang

When you first get into an investment, you look around the room to see what “smart money” is already in. Jason Wang is certainly what we call “smart money”. Jason is a serial entrepreneur and has a special place in our hearts because he is the founder of Caviar, a delivery service that we have used and loved for many years. After selling Caviar to Square for $100m+, Jason rolled up his sleeves and has begun to build a “fast casual” restaurant empire. His experience and connections as a successful entrepreneur alone makes Jason a great value add to the Kado team, but there’s even more to why we are excited to have Jason joining us.

Jason is a true member of the community, one look at his Twitter and there is no doubt that he is a #Lunatic to his core. Jason’s unique understanding and appreciation for the Terra platform combined with his success in consumer app building makes him the perfect person to help Kado create a frictionless and superior service provider. We had Jason in mind as we were building the earliest iterations of Kado Pay and we are thrilled that we have successfully manifested his addition to our team.

Chris Amani

Chris was one of the first people to reach out to us after we announced our roadmap and community proposal. After doing some digging, it quickly became a no-brainer that he would be a huge value-add to Kado. Chris has an extensive background with key experience in scaling startups at different stages from a financial planning, analysis, and strategy POV. He led his recent startup Humanity to a successful acquisition and we are truly excited for the financial expertise Chris brings to the Kado team. With high level experience from companies we greatly admire like MongoDB and Electronic Arts, Kado is fortunate to have somebody like Chris to help advise us from inception to growth stage. Chris has already proven his value to Kado in helping us think dynamically about our monetization strategies.

Similar to our other advisors, there is no question that Chris is passionate about DeFi and the Terra ecosystem. He is a consistent voice in our community and is critically thoughtful when he lends his opinion to any given topic in the space. We look forward to having his guidance as a strong supporter of Kado while we continue to carve out our niche as a bedrock project in the Terra ecosystem.

Moving at a mile a minute

There is no place like crypto, and especially the world of Terra. We are thrilled to share these additions to our team with the community, and happy to say that there are a few more advisors that we will be announcing in the coming weeks with domain expertise in fields like legal and blockchain development.

In the meantime

Our governance proposal is live, so please visit our Agora post and vote on our community proposal.

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