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Kado is a fiat to crypto on/off ramp platform for easy onboarding to DeFi and direct to self custody

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Skip the Centralized Exchange (CEX). Self-custody assets in as little as 60 seconds.

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Seamlessly move between fiat and crypto. Inexpensive and hassle-free.

Lowest Fees

Kado allows you to spend what you want without giving up an arm and a leg.

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Get crypto to your self-custody wallet instantly. Say goodbye to the long hold times & slippage on centralized exchanges.

Around The Globe

Available and fully compliant in 100+ countries to give you access wherever and whenever.

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Swap between fiat and crypto instantly.


Empower your users to buy and sell crypto directly from your website

We provide an easy-to-integrate widget so your users can buy or sell crypto directly from your web or mobile application.

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Customized solutions for your business

Whether you’re a game, NFT platform, blockchain, or e-commerce site, Kado can be customized for your needs.

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