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Noble provides native asset issuance in Cosmos and the IBC ecosystem.

Before Noble, users and appchains in Cosmos needed to rely on bridges to access USDC. Native USDC liquidity will expand to dozens of sovereign Cosmos appchains, including dYdX, Osmosis and others.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Noble's role in USDC issuance on the Cosmos ecosystem?

Noble serves as an issuance platform for native USDC in the Cosmos and IBC ecosystem. It enables the creation of USDC that is highly liquid and fully collateralized, facilitating seamless access for multiple IBC-enabled blockchains to use USDC natively.

Why is native USDC important for Cosmos?

Native USDC issuance in Cosmos helps solve the challenges that users and appchains face when dealing with bridged assets from other ecosystems. It enhances liquidity and fungibility within Cosmos and offers a simple, safe, and seamless means of utilizing USDC.

How does Noble optimize the user experience for USDC transfers between appchains?

Noble leverages packet-forwarding middleware, making double-hop IBC transactions as easy as a single click for users. This ensures that the asset takes the correct route from the source chain to the destination chain automatically, providing a smooth user experience. Native USDC on Noble is fully reserved and always redeemable 1:1 for US dollars.

What is the future vision for Noble beyond USDC issuance?

Noble's vision extends beyond USDC issuance. It aims to be the premier onboarding and integration solution for asset issuers in the IBC ecosystem, offering safe, simple, and seamless issuance and distribution channels.