We're So Back

We're So Back

July 17, 2023
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We're Baaaaaaaaack

We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of Kado, bringing you an enhanced, global fiat on and off-ramp service that is better than ever before. Kado is here to provide you with a seamless and efficient way to navigate the crypto world, allowing you to move from point A to B in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. With our focus on instant settlement directly to self-custody, nothing is more important than protecting our users and long term stability.

Banks Can Go Down, Kado Stays Up

At Kado, we understand the importance of trust and security when it comes to providing fiat<>crypto payments. Unlike centralized exchanges that are incentivized to keep your funds on their platform, we believe in empowering you with full control over your assets. That’s why we prioritize instant settlement directly to self-custody, ensuring that your funds are safe and accessible to you at all times. No matter what happens to a bank or custodian, your money is not at risk. Trust and security are at the core of our values, and we are here for the long term, building a platform that you can rely on.

Stronger Banking Partners Who Support Decentralization

As we relaunch, we are excited to announce our partnership with Fortress, a US custodian banking partner who shares our vision for the future. Fortress understands the importance of decentralization and the potential of blockchain technology. With their support, we can provide you with a secure and reliable infrastructure that enables faster, better, and stronger digital asset onboarding and access. Together, we are driving the industry forward and paving the way for a new era of financial possibilities.

On-ramp in 150+ Countries: US, Europe, Asia, LATAM, and more

We are committed to connecting individuals around the globe, and our international license based in Europe plays a vital role in achieving this goal. This license enables us to provide virtual asset payment services, allowing you to leverage local payment rails for seamless transactions. Whether you are in Europe, Latin America, or the Asia-Pacific region, we are expanding our reach to bring you a truly global platform. And this is just the beginning — with more international payment methods in the pipeline, we are continuously working to improve your experience.

Supporting More Assets and Blockchains

As part of our on-ramp relaunch, we have exciting plans to support an even wider range of assets and blockchains. While first launching with assets supported by Fortress out of the box, we are finalizing our updated Axelar integration for all axlUSDC connected Cosmos chains. Axelar connected Cosmos chains will be live shortly, along with the off-ramp product relaunch.

We have several launches in the pipeline over the coming weeks, enabling you to explore new opportunities across a range of new and emerging crypto ecosystems. Our commitment to innovation has never been impacted, and we have new features in the pipeline that we think you’ll love. We can’t wait to see how the community leverages these advancements and creates new, exciting use cases within the crypto ecosystem.

Building for the Community

At Kado, everything we do is for you — the community. We want to express our deepest gratitude for standing by us during times of uncertainty. Your support and trust are the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of excellence. Rest assured, Kado will never stop building for you. We are on a mission to create an accessible platform that empowers individuals, removes barriers, and promotes financial inclusion.

Get Ready for the Future

The relaunch of Kado marks a significant milestone in our journey. We are confident in our ability to deliver fast, secure, and global crypto payment services that will transform the way you engage with digital assets. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure and witness firsthand the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

The future is bright, and with Kado, you have a trusted partner by your side. Together, let’s shape the future of finance, one transaction at a time.

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