Kado Empowers Stellar Ecosystem with SEP-24 Integration for Enhanced Developer Experience

Kado Empowers Stellar Ecosystem with SEP-24 Integration for Enhanced Developer Experience

June 13, 2023
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In a significant move towards advancing the accessibility and convenience of the international economy, Kado, the leading non-custodial fiat on-ramp to Stellar USDC and XLM, has successfully integrated the SEP-24 protocol. This integration allows Kado to seamlessly support Stellar wallets, use cases, and developers, marking a major step forward in promoting interoperability and frictionless transactions within the Stellar ecosystem.

Streamlining Anchor Services with SEP-24

SEP-24, one of the most prominent Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs), sets a standard API for anchor services, simplifying the integration process with various on/off ramps. Prior to this standardized solution, anchors had to rely on proprietary APIs, limiting connectivity and hindering interoperability. However, with SEP-24, Kado can effortlessly integrate with a wide range of wallets, ensuring a more inclusive and competitive landscape for users.

Enhancing User Flexibility and Convenience

Kado’s implementation of SEP-24 brings forth a multitude of benefits for Stellar users and their diverse needs. By embedding a native Stellar on/off-ramp within their mobile app, Kado empowers users to seamlessly exchange between crypto and fiat currencies, providing unparalleled flexibility. With the SEP-24 standardization, wallets can integrate Kado’s on/off-ramp seamlessly.

For instance, consider a scenario where a migrant worker in the United States wants to send money to her family in the Philippines. With Kado’s SEP-24 integration, she can easily convert USD to Stellar USDC via ACH bank transfer and then cash out into PHP directly within the wallets or apps they already use, like Lobstr, Vibrant, and Moneygram (to cash-out to local fiat).

Seizing Opportunities in Unstable Economies

SEP-24 integration also opens up opportunities for individuals residing in economies prone to volatility. Users can leverage Kado’s seamless conversion feature to hedge against fluctuations in their local fiat currency.

The ability to convert local currency into Stellar USDC at their preferred anchor grants them increased control over their financial well-being. Kado’s support for stable assets like USDC allows users to confidently hold their funds in a more stable form, safeguarding their wealth against economic uncertainties. Worth mentioning, Kado now supports Stellar XLM as well.

Supporting Developers and Promoting Innovation

Kado’s integration of SEP-24 not only benefits users but also paves the way for developers to create innovative applications and services within the Stellar ecosystem. By aligning with the standardized API, Kado enables developers to effortlessly integrate their offerings with Kado’s infrastructure, further expanding the possibilities for seamless and efficient financial interactions on Stellar.

A Step Forward for a Global Financial System

With Kado’s adoption of SEP-24, the Stellar network takes a significant leap towards fostering a truly equitable and accessible global financial system.

Kado’s integration of SEP-24 enables a more vibrant ecosystem where users, developers, and companies can interact seamlessly, empowering individuals worldwide with enhanced financial services and facilitating cross-border transactions.


Kado’s integration of SEP-24 establishes a new era of convenience, flexibility, and accessibility in the Stellar ecosystem. By seamlessly supporting Stellar wallets, use cases, and developers, Kado empowers users with a frictionless experience, simplifying the exchange of fiat and crypto assets using debit, credit cards and ACH + Wire Transfers.

As the Stellar network continues to embrace interoperability and standardization, Kado remains at the forefront, committed to advancing financial inclusivity and driving innovation in the global, digital asset economy.

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