Kado Now Supports Brazil’s PIX-to-Crypto

November 29, 2023
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In a dynamic world where every second counts, Kado is once again at the forefront, catering to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders in Brazil. We’re excited to unveil our support for the PIX payment method, revolutionizing the way Brazilian users can dive into the crypto sphere in under 60 seconds. This addition ensures that both seasoned crypto veterans and newcomers can effortlessly acquire their preferred digital assets with cost-effective fees and daily purchase limits of up to 10000 BRL.

How Do I benefit?

The introduction of PIX support brings a multitude of advantages to Kado users in Brazil. This feature enables lightning-fast initiation of cryptocurrency purchases, coupled with improved approval and authorization rates and reduced fees. No more waiting for transactions to process – now you can secure Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 20 other leading blockchains within a minute. This level of convenience underscores Kado’s commitment to providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for the vibrant crypto community in Brazil. Better Fees, Better

Acceptance Rates

Kado’s PIX support boasts remarkably low fees, starting at just 2.79%. This cost-effective approach allows users to maximize their investments while enjoying a seamless experience. The daily purchase limit of up to 10000 BRL caters to both those venturing into the crypto space for the first time and experienced traders, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

PIX-To-Crypto: Accelerating Brazil’s Crypto Journey

Kado’s rollout of PIX payment support marks a pivotal moment for our platform and the Brazilian crypto community. It empowers users with unparalleled speed, minimal fees, and substantial daily purchase limits, making it more convenient than ever to explore the realm of cryptocurrencies. Recognizing the unique importance for Brazilian customers to have a reliable fiat-to-crypto onboarding solution, Kado is dedicated to facilitating a smooth entry into the crypto market.

Why Is This important For Brazilian Customers?

Brazil’s crypto enthusiasts deserve a fiat-to-crypto onboarding solution they can rely on. With the support of the PIX payment method, Kado addresses a crucial need in the Brazilian market. The ability to swiftly and securely convert fiat to crypto is essential for users looking to harness the opportunities presented by the digital asset space. As Brazil embraces the future of finance, Kado is committed to being the trusted partner that simplifies the journey into cryptocurrencies, providing a gateway to financial innovation and wealth creation. So, gear up to explore the world of digital assets with Kado and leverage PIX to enhance your crypto portfolio in the most seamless way possible.

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