Kado V2 Beta Overview

Kado V2 Beta Overview

August 2, 2022
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Our Roots

We have been steadfast on building the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to move between fiat currency and crypto in a single transaction — no extra apps, steps, or wait times. Being able to move seamlessly between fiat and crypto in a timely, cost effective manner is crucial to capturing new users and capital to the web3 ecosystem.

Kado will soon be launching a seamless on/off-ramp for all leading web3 ecosystems, starting with Cosmos IBC, Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum. On the Cosmos IBC front, we have already engaged in strategic partnerships with Juno, Osmosis, Terra, and Kujira, with many many more in the works.

Time is the Only Constant

Getting into web3 for the first time as a new user is technically advanced and hard to understand out of the gate. A big reason for this is because builders are focused on innovation first, rather than designing for the lowest common denominator in user knowledge.

Keeping up with seed phrases and wallet extensions can be both exhausting and intimidating for first time users. Learning from the best of our predecessors in web2, we have created a solution to break down those barriers and create a seamless experience that both beginners and experts can appreciate. Web3 needs infrastructure that demystifies the complicated world of moving in and out of crypto, while staying on the front lines of innovation.

A Sneak Peak

The new Kado Dashboard allows users to easily connect an existing web3 wallet (MetaMask, Phantom, Keplr etc,) or create a new wallet without having to deal with seed phrases. Kado users will be able to keep track of their digital assets across blockchains, and seamlessly move funds between fiat and our numerous web3 partners like Osmosis, Avalanche, and Solana.

On-ramp to crypto with:

  • Credit/debit card
  • ACH/bank transfer
  • Wire transfer (to stablecoins, int’l coming soon)

Off-ramp to fiat through

  • ACH/bank transfer
  • Wire transfer

For web3 to be adopted by the masses, traffic between web3 and traditional fiat infrastructure needs to be seamless for every participant in the ecosystem, no matter their maturity level or understanding. That is why we have created the most user friendly and fastest on/off-ramp in web3.

Wen Launch?

Right now you can sign up with your email for early access to V2 beta launch and enjoy 25% off Kado Ramp fees during the beta period.

We’re excited to unveil even more with our public launch. Wen? Cosmoverse is just around the corner…

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