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Oraichain is the world’s first layer 1 of AI oracle.



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spend your money how you want from merchants around the world


stake assets to earn interest


instantly store your assets in the self-custody wallet of your choice


Transfer money to anyone across the globe


swap to another cryptocurrency directly in your wallet or by using a DeFi application


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Low minimums

Kado allows you to spend what you want without giving up an arm and a leg.

Fast & reliable

Get crypto to your own wallet instantly. Say goodbye to the long hold times on most centralized exchanges,

Use around the globe

Available and fully compliant in 100+ countries to give you access wherever and whenever

It's your money. How you want it.

Skip the CEX. Swap between fiat and crypto instantly.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Oraichain, and how does it differ from other blockchains?

Oraichain is a decentralized proof-of-stake network with a focus on AI-driven applications. Its unique feature lies in being an AI oracle for Web3. This distinguishes Oraichain in the blockchain space, combining secure blockchain infrastructure with advanced AI capabilities.

What applications and domains does Oraichain's ecosystem cover?

Oraichain's ecosystem spans diverse domains, including DeFi, NFTs, Identity, Collective Intelligence, Asset Tokenization, Smart Healthcare, and more. It provides a dynamic environment for innovation and development across various sectors.

What wallets are compatible with Oraichain?

You can manually input your OWallet address to buy and custody ORAI and USDC on Oraichain.

What are Oraichain's core technologies and how do they contribute to its functionalities?

Oraichain's core technologies include a Mainnet & Subnetworks, AI oracle infrastructure, interoperability with OraiBridge supporting communication between IBC, ETH, BSC, and TRON, a ZK Engine ensuring configurable privacy, and decentralized storage for secure file storage with encryption and large capacity.