Kujira is a Cosmos Layer 1 blockchain operating in the Cosmos IBC ecosystem

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The Kujira network was first built on the Terra blockchain, and created a liquidation tool on the Anchor lending platform called ORCA. Now, Kujira has their own chain and DEX, named FIN, which is an order-book style token exchange platform.

FIN is a permissionless DEX allowing users to create different types of liquidity pools. The native token for Kujira is $KUJI. This token is used for governance as well as staking on FIN or BLUE.

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Frequently asked questions

What assets are compatible with the Kujira blockchain?

Right now through Kado Ramp only $USDC is compatible with the Kujira blockchain.

Can I buy $USDC on Kujira?

Yes. You can now buy $USDC on Kado Ramp and send it to the Kujira blockchain.

Does Kujira have its own DEX?

Yes, the FIN DEX is an order-book-style token exchange platform created by Kujira. You can enter and trade in the Kujira ecosystem on FIN.

Can I buy $KUJI on Kado Ramp?

The $KUJI token will be coming soon but, in the meantime, you can send $USDC to the Kujira blockchain and swap it for other tokens like $KUJI.