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spend your money how you want from merchants around the world


stake assets to earn interest


instantly store your assets in the self-custody wallet of your choice


Transfer money to anyone across the globe


swap to another cryptocurrency directly in your wallet or by using a DeFi application


Why use Kado?

Low minimums

Kado allows you to spend what you want without giving up an arm and a leg.

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Fast & reliable

Get crypto to your own wallet instantly. Say goodbye to the long hold times on most centralized exchanges,

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Use around the globe

Available and fully compliant in 100+ countries to give you access wherever and whenever

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It's your money. How you want it.

Skip the CEX. Swap between fiat and crypto instantly.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Secret Network and how does it work?

Secret Network is a blockchain focused on privacy-preserving smart contracts. It allows developers to build dApps with built-in privacy features; achieving privacy by encrypting data within smart contracts, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden from network validators. This enables users to interact with applications while keeping their data private and secure.

How can I ensure the security of my Secret Network transactions?

1) Use Secure Wallets: Store your SCRT tokens in secure wallets that provide strong encryption and protect your private keys. (2) Verify Contract Authenticity: When interacting with smart contracts on the Secret Network, verify the contract's authenticity and ensure that you are interacting with the intended contract. (3) Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest security practices and potential vulnerabilities within the Secret Network ecosystem. Follow official channels and community discussions to stay informed about any security-related announcements or updates.

Are transactions on the Secret Network private?

Yes, transactions on the Secret Network are designed to be private. The network leverages a technology called Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to encrypt and protect sensitive data within smart contracts. This ensures that only the involved parties can access and view the data, while keeping it hidden from network validators and external observers.

How can I participate in the Secret Network ecosystem?

1) Hold SCRT: Acquire SCRT tokens through exchanges and hold them in a compatible wallet. (2) Stake SCRT: Stake your SCRT tokens to support the network's security and earn staking rewards. (3) Develop Applications: Build decentralized applications on the Secret Network, leveraging its privacy features and developer tools. (4) Vote on Governance Proposals: Engage in the governance process by participating in voting on proposals that shape the future of the Secret Network.

What is the role of the Secret (SCRT) token on the Secret Network?

The Secret (SCRT) token is the native cryptocurrency of the Secret Network. It serves several purposes within the network, including: (1) Governance: SCRT holders can participate in on-chain governance, where they can vote on proposals that shape the future of the Secret Network ecosystem. (2) Network Security: SCRT is used to stake and secure the network through the consensus mechanism known as Secret Proof-of-Stake (sPoS). (3) Transaction Fees: SCRT is used to pay for transaction fees and network services within the Secret Network.